Bonnie Photo | "Love Your Pup" fundraiser for HSBV @Endo Brewing

Bonnie Photo was at Endo Brewing on Saturday, Feb. 10th from 3pm-7pm offering pet portraits.
The best 5-10 photos were selected, edited, and polished by Bonnie then uploaded here.

Help me grow my photography business by sharing some photos straight from the Facebook album here!

One coupon code per customer.

Additional processing (for example: change cropping, photoshopping out leashes, blemish removal) can be completed upon email request!

Orders can also be made in person, with Bonnie. Bonnie has access to a whole other, equally excellent print service. If you would like to look at printed proofs of your photos, ordering through Bonnie (rather than here) is the way to go and you should email